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We use our many years of experience gained in over 25,000 tests and analyses in Freiburg, Frankfurt & Munich with professional cyclists, amateur athletes and recreational cyclists on mountain bikes, racing bikes or during triathlons to make you fitter, better and faster.



Determination of individual training zones and sustained power output threshold (iaS) for more effective training and targeted performance improvement. Tests: Lactate test, Vo2max test, torque test



Radlabor for training and fitness experts: read our latest press releases. Also news about Radlabor with videos and study results. Press partner: Mountainbike magazine, Roadbike magazine, Tour, FAZ…

Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

Better force transmission and symptom-free riding with the optimal sitting position. Performance enhancement by means of improved biomechanics on the bike or prior to a new purchase. For racing bikes, mountain bikes, time-trial 



More effective training with the right equipment. In our shop you will find power meters, cycling computers, books and other fitness products. Shop partners: SRM, Polar Kéo Power, CycleOps, Quarq, Tim Böhme



Better training for targeted performance improvement. Individual planning for competitions. Analysis of training and performance data (power meter/wristband heart rate monitor). Personal contact, ideal for working people



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