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Philosophy / History

Winning, leading the pack in a cycle race, crossing the Alps or simply sitting comfortably on a bike – our claim is to be able to improve or restore your performance in sport. Whether professional cyclists, amateur riders or keen recreational athletes, everyone is of equal importance to us, because individual attention is the key to success for every athlete. We live and love this sport as much as you do. Our passion extends to cycle racing, mountain biking and triathlon.



Exercise, sport and training are the basis for efficiency and satisfaction among modern people in modern society.


The long-term partnerships we cultivate with our customers are characterised by trust, appreciation and understanding. We are quality and cost-conscious in all our dealings and stick to agreements and arrangements. We offer our employees an attractive and challenging working environment conducive to high achievement. Qualities of importance to us are team spirit, enjoyment of success and an appropriate work-life balance. Our employees are highly qualified, take responsibility and have plenty of scope for using their initiative. We challenge and encourage our employees to bring out the best in them.


Like any other sport dominated by fitness, cycling is susceptible to doping. Indeed, the prevailing impression at the moment is that outstanding achievement would not be possible without performance-enhancing drugs. We strongly oppose doping because we are firmly convinced that excellence can be achieved in cycling without doping. Every Radlabor employee is therefore obliged to issue a formal statement to confirm that they neither have nor have had any connection with doping.



Radlabor (cycling laboratory) has its origins in the scientific community. The University of Freiburg set up the department in conjunction with the Freiburg-Schwarzwald Olympic Centre in 1997, its remit being to support elite athletes and scientific research in the field of cycling. The aim was to promote scientific research on the subject of cycling, to mentor and advise athletes in national squads by means of performance diagnostics and biomechanics, and to develop and patent innovative new measurement systems. In the early years the primary focus of the Radlabor was on university research activities and on conducting intensive scientific research in the field of cycling. The central themes were issues around the science of training and work in the fields of performance diagnostics and biomechanics. Special mention must be made here of the work done for his doctorate by the future founder and CEO of Radlabor GmbH, Dr. Björn Stapelfeldt: The factors influencing performance in mountain biking, a largely ignored field of research until then.


R & D

Pedal force measurement


Research in the Radlabor concentrated mainly on biomechanics between 2001 and 2003. The “all-round pedal stroke” was the focal point of scientific interest. This gave rise not only to important findings and implications for science and cycling practice, but also to pioneering innovations in the form of in-house product developments. The PowerForce pedal force measurement system, an internationally unique analysis system designed to measure pedal force, was developed and has since been sold to research establishments and elite sport centres worldwide. Comprehensive data on the subject of pedal force and “all-round pedal stroke” were collected in diverse Radlabor studies and are considered to be a scientific benchmark today. Pioneer in the science of bike fitting Between 2003 and 2009, research and development activities at Radlabor concentrated on detailed analyses of a cyclist’s sitting position. Over subsequent years, this branch of research – internationally known as bike fitting – became a subject relevant to the future of the cycling industry as a whole. The scientific foundations for a detailed study of sitting position were laid at Radlabor. With the help of extensive laboratory and field studies – funded by the Federal Institute of Sport Science (BISP) – the sitting position on the bike was analysed by means of electromyography, pedal force measurements, high-speed video recordings and much more besides. Once again, new and innovative measurement systems were developed in Radlabor on the basis of research work: in the field of bike fitting Radlabor developed the “BikeScanner” and the “BikeManager”, comprehensive bike-fitting hardware and software solutions for the cycle retail sector and for health care providers who want to offer a service analysing cycling movements.

Radlabor GmbH

A milestone in the history of Radlabor was the creation of Radlabor GmbH in summer 2007. The founding concept was to make the whole range of services and systems based on the previous 10 years of research accessible not only to national teams, but to “everyone”. Radlabor has since offered its range of services in performance diagnostics, biomechanics and training to all athletes, from beginners and ambitious amateurs to professionals. In addition to testing and training facilities, Radlabor also offers seminars and talks on subjects related to cycling and health. Sport science research projects, whether university-funded or on behalf of well-known partners in the sports industry, are another important mainstay for Radlabor GmbH.


New branches

Munich & Frankfurt

After being set up as a limited company, Radlabor in Freiburg quickly became established both regionally and nationally as a centre of expertise for cycling and further branches were gradually set up. A branch of Radlabor was set up in the Munich area in early 2010, followed by one in early 2012 in Frankfurt. Professional services in the field of cycling were now offered in all three Radlabors according to the same model. Thanks to the high profile of the Freiburg-based Radlabor and strong media partners, the branches soon became established in the new locations and have likewise become centres of cycling expertise.

Development & sale of bike-fitting solutions

The development and sale of Radlabor bike-fitting solutions also continued to grow rapidly: from 2011 Radlabor offered bike retailers and health care providers professional bike-fitting solutions. The Radlabor solutions enable users to address bike fitting in depth and offer their customers a professional bike-fitting service. In 2012, Radlabor equipped bike dealers and health care providers throughout Germany with bike-fitting measurement systems and offered a series of bike-fitting seminars.