The expert analysis is our top sitting position product. Depending on your personal goals and concerns, we will select the method designed to ensure that your bike is optimally attuned to your needs: body scan, dynamic movement analysis, video analysis, pedal force analysis, saddle pressure analysis, etc. Treat yourself to the full professional programme with an individual high-end analysis - in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt!


We recommend the expert analysis:

  • For professional cyclists and cyclists with very exacting standards
  • For complex problems with movement on the bike and questions on stroke technique and pedal force
  • For 100% high-end optimisation by using state-of-the-art measurement systems and analysis methods
  • For racing bikes, mountain bikes, time-trial bikes

The benefits of the expert analysis for you:

  • Professional supervision of the highest scientific standard
  • Individual, detailed 14-point laser scan of your body
  • Comprehensive dynamic movement analysis, analysis of pedal force, video analysis and, if applicable, saddle pressure analysis

Book the expert sitting position analysis today:

Expert sitting position analysis €345
Additional charge for second bike €75