There is no need to have difficulty moving on a bike! We will analyse your sitting position and solve your problems! Whether racing bike, e-bike, mountain bike or city bike, whether a recreational cyclist, everyday cyclist or elite cyclist: we will find the best sitting position for anyone - in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt.


We recommend the medium analysis:

  • Primarily for active and elite cyclists
  • For problems with movement on the bike
  • For a detailed review and optimisation of the current sitting position
  • For racing bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, e-bikes

The benefits of the medium analysis for you:

  • Professional analysis of sitting position and a solution to your difficulties in moving on the bike
  • Individual and detailed 14-point laser body scan
  • Analysis of foot position and adjustment of cleats
  • Expert advice on sitting position and ergonomics

Book the medium sitting position analysis today:

Medium sitting position analysis €195
Additional charge for second bike €75
Additional charge for saddle pressure analysis €75