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The pedal is the interface between man and machine when cycling. This is where the power generated by the muscles is transmitted to the bicycle. Taking measurements here gives you information on the power actually produced by the athlete. These forces are split into “effective force” and “unused force”.


We recommend pedal force analysis:

  • For any athletes who would like to have accurate data on their stroke technique and power transmission
  • For professional cyclists and cyclists with very exacting standards
  • For complex problems with movement on the bike and questions on stroke technique and pedal force
  • For racing bikes, mountain bikes, time-trial bikes

The benefits of pedal force analysis for you:

  • Unique pedal force data for an in-depth analysis of stroke technique and power differentials
  • Detailed analysis of personal technique and optimisation of power transmission
  • Live online feedback on personal pedal force data

Book the pedal force test today:

Pedal force analysis €165
Incl. lactate testing €195