Our comprehensive pro analysis of sitting position and pedal force offers you optimisation at a professional level! It is attuned to the particularly exacting requirements of elite cyclists and will give you informed answers and solutions to complex problems with movement and any questions relating to pedal force and stroke technique. We will find the best sitting position for anyone - in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt.


We recommend the pro analysis:

  • For ambitious cyclists and elite cyclists
  • For complex problems with movement on the bike and questions on stroke technique and pedal force
  • For a detailed review and optimisation of the current sitting position
  • For racing bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, e-bikes

The benefits of the pro analysis for you:

  • Professional analysis of complex problems with movement on the bike
  • Individual, detailed 14-point laser body scan
  • Analysis of foot position and adjustment of cleats
  • Pedal force analysis in different sitting positions

Book the pro sitting position analysis today:

Pro sitting position analysis €245
Additional charge for second bike €75
Additional charge for saddle pressure analysis €75