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The crucial factor when experiencing seating problems is the rider’s sitting position on the bike. This is why we recommend a professional analysis of sitting position as the first step for seat problems. If saddle problems persist in spite of optimised sitting position, we recommend an analysis of the distribution of pressure on the saddle by measuring the pressure on your own saddle. We will find the best sitting position for anyone - in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt.


We recommend saddle pressure analysis:

  • For all cyclists who have persistent problems in the saddle in spite of an optimal sitting position
  • Irrespective of the level of sporting achievement
  • Before buying a new saddle
  • For all bike types

The benefits of saddle pressure analysis for you:

  • Exact measurements to distribute pressure on your own saddle under strain
  • Detailed analysis of the causes of persistent seat problems
  • Before and after comparison of saddle pressure images
  • Optional: Construction of a customised saddle

Book the saddle pressure analysis today:

Saddle pressure analysis €75