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We offer a range of professional diagnostic services at our sites in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt. These include the lactate test, the torque test, pedal force measurement and a VO2max test. Our innovative and scientifically validated tests will give you the foundation for a targeted performance improvement. We use the experience gained in over 20,000 tests to make recreational riders and professionals fitter, better and more successful.


Performance diagnostics Lactate test bike Lactate test running Vo2max test bike/running Torque test
Training zones heart rate
Training zones watt
Training zones Pace
Training advice
Individual anaerobic threshold
Critical power analysis
Vo2max. value Prognosis Prognosis
Motor function
Lactate analysis
Body fat measurement
Recommended for:
Health & fitness enthusiasts
Recreational athletes
Competitive athletes
Test 135€ 135€ 85 € 85 €
Length of appointment 60-90 Min 60 Min 45 Min 20-30 Min