Enhance your performance in a targeted way and lay the foundation for successful training! Determining your individual training zones can make for more effective mountain bike, triathlon and racing bike training. You can take the lactate test in Freiburg, Munich or Frankfurt.


We recommend the lactate test:

  • For all cyclists with wristband hear rate monitor/power meter
  • As a basic requirement for targeted training
  • As a fitness check
  • For triathlon, mountain bikes, racing bikes
  • All performance categories

The benefits of lactate testing for you:

  • Effective training management by ascertaining your individual training zones
  • Improved aerobic endurance and weight optimisation with the help of lipid metabolic zones
  • NEW: you can use the critical power analysis to manage high-intensity units and competition tempo with precision wattage
  • Detailed test analysis with recommendations for forthcoming training sessions

Book the lactate test for cyclists today:

Lactate test for cyclists €135

Incl. pedal force analysis €195