A training programme designed to take you through the competition season with ease. Your trainer will be on hand to answer any questions on training and to adapt your exercise plan at any time. You can take advantage of supervised training in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt.


We recommend professional training:

  • If you want extensive supervision
  • To optimally prepare athletes for competitions
  • For all age groups and performance categories
  • For running, triathlon, racing bike and mountain bike

The benefits of professional training for you:

  • Professional and extensive coaching
  • A bonus of supervision: training data analysis, competition analysis, dietary modifications
  • An annual schedule strategically designed to fit around your seasonal objectives
  • Planning of fitness training, training camps, tapering phases and all forms of fitness sport

PIdeal start: We recommend lactate testing to determine your individual training zones before starting supervised training.

Book professional training today:

Price per month €145